Serenita Slump


Noori, camping in the woods a few miles outside of Pinemont is awakened by the sound of sneaking persons. Noori tracks them into town (killing one who notices her). The beings are drow, a creature not seen in Sernenita for over 200 hundred years.

In town, the remaining two drow attempt to escape from Noori and Sheba by climging into an inn. One makes it inside, but Sheba makes short work of the one who didn’t, but not before he is able to cast Darkness on the area.

Inside the Inn, Drake is awakened by the sound of someone rummaging through his room. The drow demands the star piece, but Drake refuses. Drake takes a hand crossbow bolt to the chest, but damage isn’t too bad. Drake runs and calls for help, but the drow is able to escape.

Noori and Sheba hear the cry for help and run to the inn door. There, Noori and Drake finally meet. Patty, the inn keeper is rather frightened by Sheba and wants everyone to leave, but after Drake mentions the possibility of drow, he gets her to agree to let them stay for free. Noori provides Drake with a healing potion. They agree that together, they will find the star pieces.

Next stop, Sin Chasm!


The party members finally meet!




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