Serenita Slump

Finally Rescued

After Drake passes out, Noori and Sheba arrive with Mae. Noori and Sheba begin attacking the orcs. Soon, Eleanore, a cleric arrives. She helps out with the Orcs. One of the orcs attempts to snatch Chi away. Eleanor blocks the attempt. Noori attempts to assist. She soon finds herself on the precipice of death itself. Eleanore , however, is able to hold out and brings both Noori and Drake from the brink.

Drake immediately asks about the other piece of HappyNet™ that is apparently in Chi’s possession. Chi possesses a key, passed down from her mother. This key is linked to the star pieces. With it, she is able to determine the exact location of a star piece at any given time. Could this play a key role in restoring HappyNet™?

Drake wants to take the key with him, but it doesn’t want to go with him. The key gets a bit too hot for his comfort and appears to disable the star pieces when out of Chi’s control. It is decided that Chi should accompany the party. Her grandparents are not happy about it, but respect Chi’s decision to fulfill her duty.



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