Serenita Slump

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The adventure begins!
Falling rocks.

Noori, a druid. Has been confronted by many people from the local town. One has even resorted to attempted violence. After a bright flash in the sky, Noori finds a star-shaped object. It talks! It is part of HappyNet™, created by a wizard long ago to temper the negative energy of their land. The pieces have fallen and must be collected and returned to the sky from the tallest mountain in the land (Mount Ser). Could this be what the townsfolk were looking for?

When scorpions (and people) attack!

Noori sets off to find people (finally) to help direct her in her quest. In Serelville, she meets The Duke of the local pawn shop, Jim Gemson, the jeweler, and Oscar Grough, the shop keeper. None of them were particularly helpful, thought the shop keeper was able to suggest a journey to the capital city of Serenity City. Before she leaves town, however, the local constable (on a power trip, no less) runs her out of town!

On her journey to Serenity City, Noori is viciously attacked by a greensting scorpion. In the end, Sheeba bites it in half. The garbage collector, Mark Smen of Serelville has managed to follow Noori out of the city and mounts a failed attack. Noori learns that he is seeking the pieces of HappyNet™ as well, but for selfish reasons.

Once she gets to the city (after a few misadventures on the road), a kind middle-aged gentleman leads Noori to the historical building where a very old man shares some details about HappyNet™, the truce with the bordering nation of Keebler elves (which occurred in the Forest of Truce). The historian declares that he will take Noori before the king!

You've Got Map!

Noori met King Ullys Weaksong. He was not a happy camper, but rather quite sad. The Queen was able to provide a bit of assistance (and a boon!). Queen Fellis Chidnik promised whatever assistance was necessary and directed our heroine to the map maker, Randall McNally. Accompanied by the Court Guard, Bartholomew Barkus, the two soon reached the shop. However, the map shop was was ablaze!

Noori soon noticed that two children (the offspring of Mr. Barkus), were being held hostage by a flame wielding goblin. She managed to rescue them and run the rest of the pyromaniac goblins out of the city.

Since the only map maker (and retailer in the city) was destroyed, Noori learns she needs to head back to Serelville to acquire a map. At the pawn shop, The Duke informs her that the map he has was stolen by none other than Mark Smen. Noori soon finds Mark, and a brief battle ensues. Noori asks about the map and Mark offers to sell it to her. The battle ends with Noori purchasing the stolen map. It’s time for an epic adventure!

Find the pieces on the map.
The stars are aligned!

Once Noori acquired the map, she decided to visit Westland in search for the remaining star pieces (she has learned that the star piece she has in hand will alert her to the presence of another piece within 1 mile). It was a ghost town. Nothing there but the breeze.

Picking another point on the map, Noori decided to visit the town of Pinemont. On the way, (after battling a Ghost Scorpion]] she passed a couple of hunters hunting deer in the forest. A few were interested in Sheeba… In Pinemont, tipped off by Sheeba, she discovered that the people are fascinated with wild animals— dead or alive.

Noori happens to chance upon the sorcerer, Jack Sparrow. After a short discussion with her, he is able to give her approximate locations for all the pieces of Smiley Web ( HappyNet™).

Happy Now?
Nobody knows where I'm goin'

We meet Drake on his way from the Monastery of Mirth on top of Mount Ser, on his way to Placid Lake. He experiences a curious incident with the sky. Lightning strikes and then the sky flashes white! Drake goes with his gut instinct and sneaks away to investigate.

On his journey to discover the source of this mysterious incident, he has a run in with a dire rat. Not the most pleasant of creatures, though this one seemed to momentarily take a liking to him before being eviscerated.

Drake discovers a clearing in the trees and discovers a piece of HappyNet™! Will he and Noori join forces to save their land?

Jail Bail
Radical Activism is not tolerated.

Noori is preparing to head out to find the next star piece. Before she can do so, P.T. Barnacle, the “zoo” owner accuses her of stealing the town’s animals. Faced with 20 of the town’s soldiers, Noori is forced to surrender. Sheba is taken to be housed with the other large animals.

While in confinement, Noori spots a trio making their way sneakily through town. It’s Artemis, Apollo, and Athena—known hunters. A couple of hours later, P.T. Barnacle comes to Noori admitting his mistake. Noori hadn’t taken the animals, but someone else had, and they’d taken Sheba with them!

Noori was able to track down these villainous persons and trap them with her Entangle spell. With the soldiers’ help, she was able to free Sheba and end the threat of the trio permanently.

After leaving the soldiers with the town’s newly recaptured animals, she spotted a figure in the distance. She was surprised to find that it was Azura Verdan, a druid living in the desert. She questions Noori’s choice of not freeing the other animals. Noori made it clear to the older woman that the time was not yet right for her to do so. Perhaps in the future…

Leaving the country
Keebler elves don't share their cookies.

Drake wakes from his sleep and proceeds to throw around the piece of HappyNet™ he has found. After a few throws, the star begins to shock him. Drake is then confronted by a single Orc named Buscar. Buscar claims that Drake killed his father. Drake is able to convince Buscar that he is not the monk he is looking for. Buscar wants blood and soon loses his head—literally—in the woods. This draws the attraction of many orcs nearby who proceed to camp out in the clearing.

After many hours of hiding behind fallen tree trunks, Drake decides to flee, but stealthily. One orc spots him and proceeds to give chase. Drake is able to lose him, but is picked up by a dire rat. Fortunately, the rat isn’t entirely interested.

Drake continues on avoiding dire rats and orcs. He finds himself outside a town. He attempts to do trade with the falchion he’s pilfered from the dead orc. The guard at the gate, Kinda, does not allow him entrance at first, but upon telling his story to Karn, a court official, he is allowed to enter.

Drake is interrogated by both Karn and the young wizard, Jinka. Jinka asks most of the questions, however. After determining that the star piece Drake has is an authentic relic, Drake is given food and supplies and directed to return to his own land. The elves suffered greatly at the hands of the humans and this peace that has been in place for the last 200+ years is believed only possible by separation of the races. Drake pleads for peaceful dialog between the peoples, but the elves are very firm on their stance.

While leaving, Drake is confronted by an ancient wizard. He asks to see the star piece and stares at it for a while. Sadness comes over him. He tells Drake that he knew the person who created HappyNet™. He revealed that she was no more.

Back in Serenita, Drake heads to “Piney” as Karn indicated being the last known (to the elves) town closest to the border of Keebler. He manages to take down a hind (female dear) on a hunt. Drake still wants to trade Buscar’s falchion and possibly the dear for gold. He runs into a scraggly fellow who quickly points out to Drake that there’s no such place as “Piney”, but the nearest settlement is called Pinemont. He also offers to buy the dear for 7 gold. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have it on him. After pleading with Drake to make the deal, this vagabond soon returns with two other travelers who are eager to buy their homely friend’s dear. They pay him 10 gold, of which he gives 7 to Drake. Classic middleman.

With direction from his reseller, Drake finds Pinemont and soon runs into a sorcerer by the name of Jack Sparrow who, after getting a beat down by Drake, tells him about Noori and her star piece.

Drake decides to wait for Noori to return to town and settles in for the night at The Fine Inn, where he finds the Inn Keeper, Patty. Drake asks Patty about having a good time. Patty politely declines his request. Drake soon finds himself asleep (alone) in his room.


Noori, camping in the woods a few miles outside of Pinemont is awakened by the sound of sneaking persons. Noori tracks them into town (killing one who notices her). The beings are drow, a creature not seen in Sernenita for over 200 hundred years.

In town, the remaining two drow attempt to escape from Noori and Sheba by climging into an inn. One makes it inside, but Sheba makes short work of the one who didn’t, but not before he is able to cast Darkness on the area.

Inside the Inn, Drake is awakened by the sound of someone rummaging through his room. The drow demands the star piece, but Drake refuses. Drake takes a hand crossbow bolt to the chest, but damage isn’t too bad. Drake runs and calls for help, but the drow is able to escape.

Noori and Sheba hear the cry for help and run to the inn door. There, Noori and Drake finally meet. Patty, the inn keeper is rather frightened by Sheba and wants everyone to leave, but after Drake mentions the possibility of drow, he gets her to agree to let them stay for free. Noori provides Drake with a healing potion. They agree that together, they will find the star pieces.

Next stop, Sin Chasm!

Goose chase
One pure child coming right up!

Our travelers travel along Sin Chasm. They battle a filthy fly before camping for the night. They are surprised by a drow named Uzura. She asks them about their business so close to the chasm. Noori fills them in. Uzura offers to help them down into the chasm if they bring with them a virgin child.


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