Serenita Slump

When scorpions (and people) attack!

Noori sets off to find people (finally) to help direct her in her quest. In Serelville, she meets The Duke of the local pawn shop, Jim Gemson, the jeweler, and Oscar Grough, the shop keeper. None of them were particularly helpful, thought the shop keeper was able to suggest a journey to the capital city of Serenity City. Before she leaves town, however, the local constable (on a power trip, no less) runs her out of town!

On her journey to Serenity City, Noori is viciously attacked by a greensting scorpion. In the end, Sheeba bites it in half. The garbage collector, Mark Smen of Serelville has managed to follow Noori out of the city and mounts a failed attack. Noori learns that he is seeking the pieces of HappyNet™ as well, but for selfish reasons.

Once she gets to the city (after a few misadventures on the road), a kind middle-aged gentleman leads Noori to the historical building where a very old man shares some details about HappyNet™, the truce with the bordering nation of Keebler elves (which occurred in the Forest of Truce). The historian declares that he will take Noori before the king!

The adventure begins!
Falling rocks.

Noori, a druid. Has been confronted by many people from the local town. One has even resorted to attempted violence. After a bright flash in the sky, Noori finds a star-shaped object. It talks! It is part of HappyNet™, created by a wizard long ago to temper the negative energy of their land. The pieces have fallen and must be collected and returned to the sky from the tallest mountain in the land (Mount Ser). Could this be what the townsfolk were looking for?

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