Serenita Slump

Split the Parties

How not to rescue a kidnap victim

After a brief discussion, Drake decides to head off in search of the source activating the star pieces, leaving Noori behind with Sheba to heal.

Following the source, Drake runs into Poe, one of the traveling merchants he and Noori met earlier in the day. He informs Drake that he’s looking for his granddaughter, Chi. Unbeknownst to them, they are both heading to the same location.

They soon find nearly a dozen orcs camped out. In their midst, tied to a stake is Chi. Drake can also tell that what he is looking for is somewhere in the area. Ignoring the please of Poe to study the situation, Drake jumps into action. He sneaks into a bush and one shots the lookout with his dagger. He then stealthily makes his way to a nearby hill and begins attacking at distance with his crossbow. Meanwhile, Poe has run off to fetch Mae.

Drake is successful in disabling a number of orcs, but, he is eventually taken out by the solid strike of a falchion. Drake goes down…

Meanwhile, Noori is approached by Mae, the other traveling merchant. Mae pleads with them to help her find her lost granddaughter. She offers them healing potions to secure their help. On the way, the group is warned by a passing monk about orc attacks. Shortly after, an orc is caught unawares by Noori and Sheba.




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