Serenita Slump

Jail Bail

Radical Activism is not tolerated.

Noori is preparing to head out to find the next star piece. Before she can do so, P.T. Barnacle, the “zoo” owner accuses her of stealing the town’s animals. Faced with 20 of the town’s soldiers, Noori is forced to surrender. Sheba is taken to be housed with the other large animals.

While in confinement, Noori spots a trio making their way sneakily through town. It’s Artemis, Apollo, and Athena—known hunters. A couple of hours later, P.T. Barnacle comes to Noori admitting his mistake. Noori hadn’t taken the animals, but someone else had, and they’d taken Sheba with them!

Noori was able to track down these villainous persons and trap them with her Entangle spell. With the soldiers’ help, she was able to free Sheba and end the threat of the trio permanently.

After leaving the soldiers with the town’s newly recaptured animals, she spotted a figure in the distance. She was surprised to find that it was Azura Verdan, a druid living in the desert. She questions Noori’s choice of not freeing the other animals. Noori made it clear to the older woman that the time was not yet right for her to do so. Perhaps in the future…



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