Serenita Slump

Goblin Groupies

Noori and Drake decide that collecting an innocent child to hand over to the whims of the drow was not such a good idea. Instead, Drake suggests heading to the Monastery of Mirth to get intel and reinforcements to fight into Sin Chasm. They learn that most of the monks are out fighting attacking orcs. They locate the book “The History of Serenita”, but it has no pertinent information. Deronius, the head monk tells Drake that they should focus on finding the other star pieces, since they are possibly more easily accessible. He offers some of the meager food rations available at the monastery.

Drake and Noori meet some traveling merchants Mae and Poe on their way from Heartland. Shortly thereafter, Noori’s companion tiger, Sheeba, is attacked by a goblin dog. After defeating it, they see that it’s masters are not too far off and are attempting to close ground. The party flees to the safety of Heartland.

Heartland is made of elaborate wooden structures of redwood tree wood. The entryway is through a large redwood tree stump. Grains are their primary product, though, previously lumber was their staple—when they actually had trees. Here, Drake is able to find a crossbow in the very large general store. Noori picks up a healing potion for Sheba from the nearby naturalist Urma.

Sheba requires uninterrupted sleep in order to heal her best. During the night, 5 goblins attempt a sneak attack. Noori and Drake manage to fight them off without waking Sheba, without starting a wildfire.

Before they can settle down again for the night, they hear the tribbling of their stars.



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