Serenita Slump

Find the pieces on the map.

The stars are aligned!

Once Noori acquired the map, she decided to visit Westland in search for the remaining star pieces (she has learned that the star piece she has in hand will alert her to the presence of another piece within 1 mile). It was a ghost town. Nothing there but the breeze.

Picking another point on the map, Noori decided to visit the town of Pinemont. On the way, (after battling a Ghost Scorpion]] she passed a couple of hunters hunting deer in the forest. A few were interested in Sheeba… In Pinemont, tipped off by Sheeba, she discovered that the people are fascinated with wild animals— dead or alive.

Noori happens to chance upon the sorcerer, Jack Sparrow. After a short discussion with her, he is able to give her approximate locations for all the pieces of Smiley Web ( HappyNet™).



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